Based in Sheffield but available to travel, I'm a unit Stills photographer with experience in range of productions, including sitcoms, feature films, commercials, comedies and dramas.

With an eye for the set, I enjoy finding the reality on sets: the teamwork, the laughter, the action, the emotions, 'The Moment', and that shows through my work.

people I've Photographed/worked with include: Sean Bean (actor), Noel Clarke (Actor), Dj Jazzy Jeff (Actor/DJ), Matt Willis (Actor/Musician), Emma Willis (TV Personality), Francesca Neri (actress/model), Nico Mirallegro (actor), Nick Moran (actor), Cosmo Javis (actor/Musician), David Bryan (Production designer), Fabio Cianchetti (Cinematographer).

My photos have been Used for a variety of websites, including The Smithsonian, The Stage,, Christianity Today, policyBee ApplyUSCollege & LAWeekly.



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